Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Limits to God's Logic

If you think about it, the readings for this Sunday may appear to be somewhat absurd when compared to the logic in today's society. We often say nothing is free so we place limits on what we give of ourselves. We protect ourselves and above all, since nothing is free, we must not give things away freely since they become devalued. We put substantial efforts into the things we want to achieve since nothing is free, but if we must struggle, according to the logic of God, it is better to fight for something worthwhile. Why throw away money and waste our life on things that are not worth it? No one gives something for nothing and since nothing is free, we must save our money to acquire those things most important to us. However, once those things are attained they may not seem as important or satisfying to us. We are left with a greater thirst and hunger.

Our experience with boundaries makes us place limits on everything. Thank goodness God's logic is completely different. God does not have limitations or boundaries. Not in the bread he gives us freely, nor in the love we can never be separated from. There are always limits to relationships, but God's logic does not have limits; nothing and no one can ever separate us from his love.

What we observe in today's gospel are the friends of Jesus wanting to impose limits on him. "Send them home to eat," said the disciples, but Jesus responded, "YOU give them something to eat." The logic of God is applied when we give what we have for free and watch it transformed into something greater. It is to move from the mindset of scarcity to one of abundance. For this to happen, we must stop putting limitations on ourselves; cease thinking we can only give up to a certain point and no more.

from Nuestra Parroquia, Claretian Publications... this was on the front cover of the bulletin last Sunday, August 3 from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.