Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beat Rommel Day 2

Day 1 was yesterday. I didn't eat like crap. Rommel Nobleza, I can't let you beat me. I need that $500 badly! That means I have to get back to rethink my nutritional intake and ramp up my workouts. And I've got to at least try to blog to try and keep my nutritional intake in check.

-0800: 1 package of Fred Meyer deli chicken; 1 package of Fred Meyer deli turkey; 1 cup Tillamook peach yogurt; 16 oz nonfat milk
-0830: 1 pan-fried porkchop
-1230: 1 pan-fried porkchop (again)
-1630: mcdonald's double cheeseburger (no bun)
-1930: 1 package of Fred Meyer deli turkey; string cheese; 1 cup Tillamook huckleberry yogurt
-2100: brocolli and fish balls in an oyster sauce reduction; 3 slices of cantaloupe; 8 oz nonfat milk

-0600: [21-15-9, for time] 35-kg overhead squats + modified ring dips: time=9:56
-1730: [21-15-9, for time] 40-kg hanging power cleans + pushups (half of them were modified): time=6:03

5-rep max. notes
-Hanging Power Snatch: 20 kg is the only one i've tried during any workout truly involving HPS (6.22.2009).
-Front Squat: 80 kg (kills my shoulders in rack position, and i can't keep my heels down sometimes. gotta work on those) (6.22.2009)
-Push Press: 50 kg (6.22.2009)
-Press: 52 kg (6.29.2009)
-Back Squat: 100 kg (gotta keep the heels down, elbows up) (6.29.2009)
-Overhead Squat: 35 kg (6.30.2009)

Other notes
-Half-Cindy PR: 7 rounds + 5 [rows, honest pushups, squats] (6.11.2009)
-Tabata This PR: 45 [push-ups, sit-ups, ring rows, squats, sumo deadlift high-pulls] I'll look up the details (lowest) for each. (6.29.2009)

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rommel said...

Dear Jason,
Like I said at the club while I was really drunk. I don't mind you winning, but I don't wana make it to easy for you. Step it up cuz I am. Last few weeks meaning twice the intensity! Keep the drive!