Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GRFS Day 2

-Morning weight was 263.2. I guess last night's 261.2 was outdone by nilaga. It's still about a 12-pound drop from less than 5 weeks ago, when i clocked in at 275.0.

-Breakfast: Yogurt and some Knorr's packaged rice that I found. I could pronounce almost every ingredient, or I knew where it came from. Not too much Saturated Fat (5-7% DV).
-Lunch: Unfortunately, went back to that rice because I didn't wanna risk going into starvation mode. After, I grilled up a package of steaks. 2 steaks in a total 3-pound package. I ate one. Probably not a great idea to nap an hour after.
-Dinner: 5 "Turboed" Short Ribs and just went to town on steamed Broccoli.

-Supplements: One-A-Day, 1 Omega-3, 1 Glucosamine
-Snacks: About an hour before CrossFit, I woke up and had about 5 oz. of the other steak.

-Workouts: It took me ~45 minutes to mow the lawn... I guess that's working out. CrossFit at Greenlake WOD was 12 Thrusters (Squat to a Push Press) and 21 Broad Jumps, 5 rounds for time (but only made 1/4 of the warmup... thanks, Ate... again. haha just kidding)

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