Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 14

-1200: big can of sliced peaches, drained; 1 glass of nonfat milk
-1500: steak strips, 2 cups of rice
-1800: steak strips, cantaloupe, glass of nonfat milk

-Basketball (about 30 minutes of playing time)
-10 pushups before sleep

This past cheat weekend wasn't the best. I woke up this morning at 261.2 (exactly the same as my official BLD Biggest Loser weigh-in from Friday). Just now, I weighed in at 262.4. I need to do a better job at keeping myself hydrated.

During garbage time (we lost the basketball game pretty badly), I went up strong for a layup and got bumped in midair. I landed with my right foot far in front of me and felt my tendons stretch. I'm pretty concerned about my Achilles tendon. That's where it's been hurting the most.

I think I'm going to pass on the basketball season that starts in June and focus more on getting in shape and strengthening my weak ankles. I've seen a dramatic increase in strength in my chest and core through CrossFit, and I know I can do the same with my ankles.

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