Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 27, 28, 29

Day 27, I didn't work out. It was a "cheat day." Some nutritional highlights
-Royal Red Robin burger, lettuce-wrapped, but 2 baskets of fries
-2 scoops of Molly Moon ice cream (had no idea it'd be that big. i only finished 1 scoop)
-4 blue moon beers

Day 28: The most active I got was playing football and sprinting around the field.

Day 29

-0930: 1 pint nonfat milk
-1230: spinach salad with cucumbers, grilled chicken, honey mustard dressing
-0330: the remainder of that salad
-2000: PB&J on whole wheat
-0030: rotisserie chicken

Angie: 28:01.

I was shooting for intermediate time, or at least closer to 20 minutes.

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