Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 38?!

whoa. what happened to me?! i'm getting back on track. the last two weeks have been decent. i've maintained 253. that means i have to work even harder to get my weight down. it's the home stretch for GRFS and almost halfway through BLD Seattle Singles Biggest Loser.

Sleep: 7 hours
Morning weight: 253 (not much loss from 1.5 weeks ago)

-1000: granola bar, steak & hard-boiled eggs
-1300: fajita casserole
-2100: spinach salad w/ tomatoes, rotisserie chicken, sesame oil/vinaigrette dressing; 1 cup blueberry yogurt; 1/2 quart nonfat milk; a handful of walnuts

-WOD "Karen" (150 wall balls w/ 20 pounds, 10 feet): 20:14
-Finisher: 400 m speedwalk/jog holding 45-pound dumbbells: 3:53
-Extras: 400 m jog/walk after WOD

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