Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 23

Morning weigh-in: 258.0

-0900: 2 eggs, 2 hot dogs
-1430: 1 hot dog, half package of roast beef, 1 egg
-2000: a couple of handfuls of mixed nuts, 1 slice of turkey
-2200: package of fresh raspberries
-2230: pork chops, steamed bok choy

50 reps of each exercise for time (40:33)
-Right-Arm Push Press (40 pound DB)
-DB Swings (40#)
-Pushups (25 as strict as i could manage, 25 modified)
-Left-Arm Push Press (40#)
-Walking Lunges
-Broad Jumps
-V-Ups (modified)
-Burpees (with modified pushup)

I think the 255's from last week might have been anomalous. I sure hope I'm not rapidly putting on that much weight and going back and forth. 6 pounds in 1 week sounded too good to be true. Then again, I do need to completely stay away from rice and still be aware of my food intake on cheat days.

500 reps of work. plus all of the "i forgot what rep i'm at, so i'll just go back to the last number i remember" extras. wow.


drooskee said...

hella good work today, man. soon enough you will reach your goal!!

marcjames said...

dont forget your VEGETABLES!"eat meats and veges, nuts and seeds..."

use veges to substitute your carb intake. i told this to andrew also, more salads.

~25lbs down from day one?! progress is progress man. you performed great so just keep up the good work!